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Massage Therapies
in Colchester

Massage therapy in colchester

The benefits of Massage Therapies

Massage therapies can help with a range of medical conditions including reducing stress, achieving relaxation, easing pain and muscle tension, increasing energy levels, boosting your immune system, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and many more benefits.

I have been a massage therapist since 2006 treating chronic pain and injuries. I am constantly updating my training and adding to my soft tissue skills.

Alice Webster

I have been a massage therapist since 2006 and qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2017. The human body and the reasons why we can end up in pain fascinate me. Trauma, illness, postural patterns, stress and anxiety can all result in acute and chronic pain. Over the years I have completed extensive training - learning different techniques for helping people get out of pain and become more mobile.

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