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Oncology Massage

Massage therapy in colchester

Oncology massage aims to improve well-being using a supportive and nurturing touch.

Oncology massage

Increased stress and anxiety can put the body’s central nervous system on high alert which does not aid healing. Relaxing the nervous system can help the body to build up it's defences.

A therapist trained in oncology massage will adapt the speed, pressure and location of touch. Consideration will also be given to positioning of the client and the length of treatment - ensuring that the massage is a positive, relaxing, and non-clinical experience.

Oncology massage is completely safe and clients often report:

  • Better ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness/tingling)
  • Less chemotherapy-related nausea
  • Less chronic pain either from the cancer itself or treatment
  • Less stress and anxiety
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Alice Webster

I have been a massage therapist since 2006 and qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2017. The human body and the reasons why we can end up in pain fascinate me. Trauma, illness, postural patterns, stress and anxiety can all result in acute and chronic pain. Over the years I have completed extensive training - learning different techniques for helping people get out of pain and become more mobile.

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